Monthly Reviews

Monthly Reviews
December 31, 2020

December: Books Plus

December: plans for reading all the Christmas-y books and then not feeling like it.  Plenty of Christmas spirit otherwise, though, and a magical Christmas season minus the pregnancy sickness!  If…
Monthly Reviews
December 4, 2020

November: Books Plus

I have to admit, I give the short shrift to November.  October is my favorite month and Christmastime (yes, I'm annoyingly specific) is my favorite holiday, so the month that…
Monthly Reviews
October 29, 2020

October: Books Plus

October is the best month, right?  We're finally in layers, the leaves demand your attention, and everything is starting to get extra cozy feeling. Unfortunately, though, I've noticed I often…
Monthly Reviews
September 1, 2020

August: Books Plus

Glimpses of fall weather, a sense of somewhat inexplicable busyness, heartbreak and fury over needing people to wake up, powerful reads and reads for escapism, and a now 2 year…