Soaking Up Summer Reading Challenge

When I think of summer, I think of activities. That might be because I live in New England, where it gets hot but not as unbearable, and also because I left school only to become a teacher, thus permenantly associating summer with sweet, sweeeet freedom. Because of that, when I was thinking about what might be a fun challenge related to summer reading, my mind kept drifting to the things that I like to try to do every summer. Plus, wouldn’t it be fun to get a peek into a bit of each other’s summer living? No? I’m the only nosy one? Fine.
Below is the list of summery reading challenges that I dreamt up. Do one, do all eight, do what you want. Do use the hashtag #soakingupsummerreadingchallenge, though, so that we can all see it!



  • Enjoy a picnic with a book
  • Bring a book along on a driving adventure
  • Make a fun drink and savor it outside with a book
  • Build a sheet tent (or a real one) and read under it
  • Pause on a hike or sit down on a beach to rest and read
  • Stay in bed late with a book
  • Choose a frozen treat to accompany your current read
  • Watch the sun rise or set with a book in hand

If you would like to join in on the fun, please go to the submissions page!

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