There’s snow on the ground as I’m writing this, but, technically, it is spring.  Certain books seem to belong in certain seasons and, inspired by Michelle, I decided to round up some books around the house that just feel right for spring.  What books do you feel really shine in the springtime?

Lady Rose and Mrs. Memmary

Ruby Ferguson

This one is basically a sweet, charming fairytale for grown-ups and I’d love to spend an afternoon reading it on a park bench basking in the sunlight.

The Penderwicks

Jeanne Birdsall

The adventures of these four sisters feel wholesome and sunny, like the best of my childhood favorites.

Mrs. Dalloway

Virginia Woolf

Although this book takes place on a single day in June and it certainly not a light book, something about it feels right for spring. I’m thinking it might be the book’s wonderful introspectiveness and lines like, “Life stand still here.” and “Beauty, that was the truth now. Beauty was everywhere.”

Selected Poems

E.E. Cummings

Every year I’d wait for a nice day and then take my junior classes outside to sit in a circle and read Cummings’ poetry.  I mean, the man writes lines like, “when the world is puddle-wonderful”.  His poem “i thank you God for most this amazing” is in my head on repeat this time of year and is one of my all-time favorites.

Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett

Feels kind of obvious, right? I’ve been meaning to reread this one for a while now.

Principles of Uncertainty

Maira Kalman
The writing and drawings in this are fresh and whimsical and hopeful.  Please read this one! It’s really special.


What else should I add?


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  • Emily says:

    I need to read some Cummings poetry. Also, yet again, I wish I was in your English class…

    • Erin says:

      Did you read the one I linked to? If you like that one, then I think you’d like him in general- particularly his nature and love ones. Some of the poems are very scandalous, though ; ).

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