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I recently saw Erin over at Cotton and Stem sharing fall Mommy and Me outfits, which, naturally, got me thinking about…the book version.

Maeve loves reading and is constantly bringing over her books to us and wiggling her way into our laps, demanding “read”, pause, “peeeaaas”.  I’ve been looking forward to sharing my favorite books with her since before I was even thinking very much about having kids, but right now she’ll only sit still for my books if she’s particularly sleepy, or if it’s a graphic novel.

In the meantime, you’ll see that below I’ve matched five picture books with five works of adult fiction, along with why I think they make a good “Mommy and Me” match. They’d be so fun to read at the same time.

I’m also guessing that you know about the Baby Lit series, which includes titles like “Anne of Green Gables” and “A Little Princess”, and feature something like colors or counting that highlight aspects of that particular classic. Along those lines, I recently received “Be Bold, Baby: J.K. Rowling” from HMH Books for Young Readers. The Be Bold, Baby series also includes Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Sonia Sotomayer, so obviously they are all about empowerment.  The J.K. Rowling one we have has inspiring quotes from her commencement speech at Harvard and the Harry Potter books, like “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light,” and very loosely talks about how she overcame her obstacles, along with more information about that at the end.  The end also has a mirror, which makes me happy by embodying the story’s message, and being a reference to the Mirror of Erised, and makes Maeve happy as far as kissing her own reflection (ha).   These types of books are not my favorite to read aloud, since there’s no story, but there is plenty to point out and Maeve loves them.  They are also the ones I used to often leave propped open when she was a baby because their bold illustrations would keep her attention.  She has been pulling her new J.K. Rowling book off of her bookcase nonstop lately, so that’s a winner as far as we’re concerned!
What happens when you’re overlooked? Prove that you’ve got what it takes! Kid McGear a satisfyingly classic and sweet story about being given a chance even when you’re small. (Important parent note: This one is awesome to read aloud- such great rhyme and meter). For the parents, reading about Alva Vanderbilt and what she was able to accomplish with so much working against her is going to amaze you, and hopefully empower you. She’s a fascinating woman and I love a piece of historical fiction that is both a good story and makes me learn so much.  Thank you to Chronicle Books and St. Martin’s Press respectively for the review copies of each book.
Both of these books are filled with quiet, soulful beauty and the simple, but heartfelt, message of taking the time to be grateful for and finding that “much of the fruit was already in the basket”. Thank you to Flatiron Books for the review copy of Meet Me at the Museum. It’s a lifetime favorite.
First of all, there is an illustration of a child looking out at ocean liners that is obviously so evocative of Station Eleven. Both of these books also have that ache-y, dreamy feeling to them and both are ones I find I draw something new from each time I read them.
I thought it would be fun to include a set that is written by the same author.  Lucy Knisley writes amazing graphic memoirs and her book that documents her pregnancy is both beautifully personal and powerfully universal. I learned a lot, too, and just thought it was so well done. Her picture book, “You Are New” is really cute and if you have a kid who, like Maeve, gets so excited to see babies, they’ll love this one. I also think it would be great for a kid who is about to have a new baby in their life, since its fun rhymes and pictures will also teach them about what babies are like.
Two stages of life, each taking a walk, each observing their world which, in turn, makes you examine some of your own. Maeve loves noticing different things each time we read “Windows” and Lillian Boxfish’s reminiscences have that same searching quality.
 I’d love for you to join in however you’d like. A pairing of your own? A picture book you’d like a match for? What you did to help continue encouraging reading in your home?

If you would like to join in on the fun, please go to the submissions page!

*If you are interested in buying any of the books mentioned here, please use my link to Powell’s Books below. Any support is deeply appreciated.


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