Kids’ Easter Books and Toys

Whether you celebrate Easter religiously or as a way to welcome in spring, I hope it’s a day that brings you some simple, beautiful joy.  I’m looking forward to seeing the excitement of our daughters hunting around for empty eggs outside and their baskets inside, to our tradition of Hungarian coffee cake, and to trying out this Easter bark recipe I saw on TikTok.
I hope that you’re able to find a new book or toy to love below and I’m always happy to make a recommendation for anything specific you’re trying to find.  If you’re looking for a basket, I highly suggest checking out your local thrift stores.  There are so many beautiful, unique ones there.
Old lists for some Easter recommendations can be found here, here, and here. Who knew I’ve been doing this for four years now? Not me.
The links are affiliate and it’s so kind of you to use them- it’s a way to send a percentage of money my way with no cost to you.  The books that have asterisks next to them were received by the publishers and most of them have been reviewed a bit more in my previous two posts.
Board Books
Baby Toys
  • Sorting carrot toyI prefer toys for babies that they can shove in their mouths and dump around in the early days and then learn with as they get older and this one seems like it would be great for that.
  • Baby food- We always put in a container of puffs or teething crackers. The fruit and vegetable packets with Peter Rabbit on the front are very aesthetically pleasing for Easter and tend to go on sale this time of year, too.
Picture Books and Early Readers
Kid Toys
  • SunglassesOkay, not toys, but these are so stinking cute that I’m sure they’d be used in dress-up, too.
  • Eye Found It cards-These will be in our daughter’s basket.  She loves poring over search and find books and I thought the portable nature of these cards would make them perfect to have around for when we’re waiting.
  • Garden toolsSo cute and inexpensive.  Add some seeds and get to work outside!
  • Foxtail ballI have distinct memories of playing with one of these outside after dinner and absolutely loving it.  It’s basically a ball with a long tail and it somehow makes playing catch even more fun (plus easier to grab onto something if your kid is little).  Look at it if you don’t know what it is!
  • The ultimate soft rabbit or this Peter Rabbit plush.  Or, if your kid is like ours and not going the classic route, you might find the cutest, softest dragon in a basket.
  • Stretchy carrotHow much fun does this look like?
  • Magnetic play setWe play with variations of these so much here.  Great for travel and when you want your kid to play by themselves for a bit.
  • Suncatcher prismsEnjoy rainbows around the house! Such an inexpensive way to add some daily joy.
  • Playmobil family picnic set with carrying case- Anyone else’s kids love Playmobil? Our daughter has my old ones and spends hours arranging them.
Curious to hear what you’ve got planned to celebrate!

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