Favorite Things to Gift

It’s the moooost wonderful time of the yearrrr. Wait.  I know.  It’s not even Thanksgiving yet.  I have, though, seen that many of you are already getting in the spirit.  I’ve seen peeks of your adorable Christmas decorations, your cozy Charlie Brown record playing, your twinkle lights everywhere. So far, I’ve resisted, with the except of Dash & Lily on Netflix and our annual ornament shopping tradition with our daughter, but it doesn’t mean it’s not very much on my brain.

Below I’ve gathered up some of my favorite things for you to consider gifting to your loved ones.  It’s a very random collection, but my goal was to pick things that I’m hoping you’re not seeing all over the place and things that I can vouch for!

If, like me, you’re tempted by some of these things for yourself, might I recommend very subtly sharing this link with your loved one?

Additionally, here is my list from last year: A Very Bookish Christmas and 40 recommendations from two years ago.

Some of these are affiliate links- thank you so much for using them or for shopping small.  You all are wonderful.

15 Favorite Things to Gift

Back massager
I got this for my husband last year.  We both use it every.single.day. It is THE BEST.  It’s seriously so relaxing and who among us does not need something that instantly makes us feel calmer? If you’re feeling on the fence about whether or not you need a back massager in your life, trust me, this is going to make you very happy.  Bonus: Just shove it away in a basket when you’re done.

Custom Face Mug
You read that right.  I got my husband this mug with floating Maeve heads all over it for Father’s Day and it absolutely delights us every time we see it.

Dishoom cookbook
Finally, a cookbook from probably the best restaurant we’ve ever been to.  We liked our experience in London so much that we ended up going again in Edinburgh (look at me bragging about traveling).  Bring some Bombay comfort food to your home or to the home of someone that you can hopefully visit soon!

Maria Parr’s Astrid the Unstoppable
The feel of a classic with a wonderful wintery setting and feisty lead. Sort of a Heidi meets A Man Called Ove. I don’t hear about this one nearly enough- do get it for yourself or for a middle grader in your life!

The Seasonal Page’s bookmarks and stickers
The coziest.

Annie Silvestro’s Bunny’s Book Club
Possibly my favorite picture book.  Does your little one have it?

Ice Cream Play Set
This toy gets so much play. It’s one that can grow with your child very well and is fun for both solo and together play.

Lauren Naylor’s art prints and bookmarks
Lauren’s Etsy shop is full of bookish goodness.

Personalized Calendar
Artifact Uprising is pricier, but their things are beautiful.  We bought this for the grandparents and do a refill pack each year.

Dianne White’s and Felicita Sala’s Green on Green
Another amazing picture book that I’d never heard of before and now am so happy to have. Lyrical and all about the beauty of the passing seasons.

Le Toy Van play food
Our daughter spends most of her time playing with her dollhouse or kitchen.  We especially love all the Le Toy Van products for both, so if you have someone in your life who loves his or her dollhouse or play food, do check these out! We’re getting our daughter the pizza this year.

Brit Bennett’s The Vanishing Half
Okay, this one you’ll see on lots of lists.  It’s just so good and I can see it being one that a wide variety of readers will enjoy.

Cute pajamas
Again, this idea is not original, but I know these are extra popular this year and I’ve loved all the pajamas I’ve had from this brand. Cute, cozy, and I have yet to wear through any, unlike other brands I’ve had.

This handmade doll
This one we don’t own (I saw it on the Etsy finalists list), but if you’re looking to splurge a little on a special little one, it’s beautiful.

Magnetic Dress-Up Box
We have a different set, which I couldn’t find, but I love the quality and opportunities for imagination (and hand manipulation) for this toy. Perfect for car rides, too!

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