With much thanks to Penguin Teen, I was thrilled to get my hands on a review copy for the US release of Anna James’s Tilly and the Bookwanderers (Pages & Co.).
This is such a special book. I would have been obsessed with it as a kid and, as an adult, I was delighted and have been thinking about it days later.  That’s to say, mainly thinking about how mad I am that this isn’t real. Tilly Pages lives above her grandparents’ bookshop and, after encountering Anne of Green Gables and Alice in Wonderland in the store, discovers that she can bookwander, which, yes, is exactly what you hope it is.  I particularly loved the details about the bookstore and all the cozy food mentions, plus how fun is it to think about what you would do if you could bookwander?
I asked a few Bookstagrammers just that, and they gave such fun answers, so please keep scrolling to see those. First up, though, is what I’d be doing.
Character I’d most want to meet: Hermione Granger
We’re off to: It would have to be the Great Hall, although I’m hoping she has a lot of time to show me around because I’m already regretting not picking Diagon Alley.
We need food, obviously, and it would be…: Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream, not from the hands of a house elf.
Bonding moment: She’d drop in a Hogwarts, A History mention and instead of groaning I’d ask her to tell me everything she knows. Or maybe we’d just immediately over the woes of bushy hair.
Friendship nickname: SPEW Crew
I asked my husband, too, and he said he’d be with Dumbledore in…the Great Hall, so I guess we can bookwander together for now, although next I’ll be off to Deep Valley next and he won’t know anyone ; ).

Tracy a.k.a @mrsmurphyreads

Character I’d most want to meet: This is so hard! Obviously I’d love to meet Anne Shirley, but I’d also love to meet Morrigan Crow (from Nevermoor!)
We’re off to: I think it would be be so much fun to take Anne and Morrigan to a Renaissance faire.
We need food, obviously, and it would be…: Naturally we’d need to have raspberry cordial and cake, but at a Ren Faire we’d need a turkey leg or something, too.
Bonding Moment: Getting lost in the woods together.
Friendship Nickname: No clue, but I think we’d be three peas in a pod.
(Editor’s note: Might I suggest The Cursed Kindreds? Cool Morrigan vibes mixed with Anne sincerity strike me as very Tracy, too.)

Beth Anne a.k.a. @bookworm_baggins

Character: Chief Inspector Gamache
We’re off to: Three Pines with a walk around the village green followed by café au lait, pastries and cheese from the bistro
We need food, obviously, and it would be…: see above 😉
Bonding moment: people watching and reflections on human nature
Friendship nickname: blanking on this one!!
(Editor’s note: The Great Reckoners? The Pine Pals? Either way, these two would be having some deep conversations and I’ll be eavesdropping with my pain au chocolat at the table over.)

Kathleen a.ka. @book_beat

Character I’d most want to meet: Jane Penderwick
We’re off to: a cabin at Point Mouette to write and explore the woods/water
We need food, obviously, and it would be…: breakfast foods (lots of pancakes and tea)
Bonding moment: brainstorming session — leading to a writing breakthrough (for both of us ;))
Friendship nickname: the Pen Pals

Kayla a.ka. @idlewildreads

Character I’d most want to meet: I’m going with Uncle Alp on this one.  Not because he is necessarily the character I’d most like to meet, but because his house is the place I’d currently most like to visit having just finished Heidi.
We’re off to: His Alpine hut, of course!
We need food, obviously, and it would be…: Do you even need to ask? Bread and cheese of course!  I would even be willing to give the goat milk a try.
Bonding moment: Uncle Alp and I would likely have a major heart to heart and he would help my overcome all my struggles, like he did for Clara.
Friendship nickname: Oh goodness, I’m not feeling nearly cleverer enough to come up with something this morning. Erin, any suggestions?!
(Editor’s note: All I’ve got is Team We Goat This because you’d both be excellent to have around and, you know, goat to have a baaaad pun in there.)
Tracy, Beth Anne, Kathleen, and Kayla, thank you so much for taking the time to answer this. Aren’t their answers fantastic? I’m totally bookwandering with them.  Alright, your turn. Where are you going? What will you be up to? And have you read this one or are you planning on reading it?!

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