Things I’m Obsessed with That Are “For My Daughter”

A lot of things that the kids in your life like you probably like because of the joy it brings them, but is there anything you find yourself maybe a liiiittle bit more into than you might initially think you are? Here are some of mine:

  • PBS Kid’s Molly of Denali TV Show
    • We just started showing our daughter some TV.  It’s been hard to find what we’re looking for (educational, story-based, not torturous for us), so thus far we’ve settled on Arthur, Daniel Tiger, and my new obsession: Molly of Denali.  Molly is an Alaskan Native, which means that the show is full of amazing Indigenous knowledge and stories, plus living in Alaska means that her adventures are awesome. Like…go to an island full of puffins awesome. I can’t say enough good things about it.  I just think she is the cutest and, basically, she’s my influencer of choice. Also, that theme song…give it a listen even if you don’t have kids and I dare you to not want to join in.
  • Patricia MacLachlan and Francesca Sanna’s My Friend Earth
    • THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOOK. It needs to be yelled about.  I was actually gasping out loud when I flipped through it the first time.  It’s not a title that would normally catch my eye, not because I don’t love nature, but I do tend to be a bit skeptical of the more woo-woo side to that.  This is not that. Just pure beauty. Pure and simple beauty.  Beauty beauty beauty.  Like, I don’t even feel like more needs to be said, except that each page makes me so happy and, while normally I’m begging to not be reading the same book over and over, this time I’m the stan. So grateful to Chronicle Books for this one!
  • Graham crackers
    • That’s right.  I was team just chocolate and marshmallows for my s’mores because I’VE BEEN A FOOL. There I go mock yelling again.  Thank you hunger and having these around for making me realize the greatness of graham crackers.
  •  Haba police car or wheel loader or any of them
    • My husband and I love playing with this car.  It’s like the ones that you pull back to make them move,but you don’t need to pull them back, which makes it easier for kids.  However, the most awesome part (that maybe excites us more than Maeve) is that it turns itself around and keeps going after hitting our baseboards.  It’s pretty exhilarating, you guys. We’ve had no marks made on the walls, either, but I’m not a doctor.
  • Le Toy Van grocery set (and their products in general)
    • It’s surprisingly hard to find a good wooden grocery set and this one is just too darn cute. I love the little basket, scanner, and I’m a sucker for the fact that the things like the butter, tea, and chocolate bar are nice looking “packaging”. Also, a game that you can play but not really play is to have your kid put things around the room to go “shopping” and we all need those sometimes, right?
  • Pretty much constant Frozen, Moana, and The Princess and the Frog music.
    • It’s straight up just good music.

And More New Books We’ve Been Loving

Here are a few of spring’s new books that have stood out to us.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the wonderfully kind publishers who have given us these review copies and made trips out to get the mail full of joy.

  • Christina Soontornvat’s and Colin Jack’s The Blunders: A Counting Catastrophe
    • Maeve can’t get enough of this one.  She counts “1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1” and definitely doesn’t understand why the kids keep counting incorrectly, which to me shows just how good this book is because it appeals on so many different levels. It’s just flat out fun, but the bonus is it teaches different ways of counting. It feels like a classic to me and I know will be getting lots of love over here for many years to come.  Thank you, Candlewick!
  • Kate Messner’s and Adam Rex’s The Next President: The Unexpected Beginnings and Unwritten Future of America’s Presidents
    • Thank you, Chronicle! I love this one. It looks at what future presidents were doing at the time of each current president.  It’s chock-a-block of fun facts and I think it’s so clever and well done. Definitely one for history lovers and, well, nerds like me who just love to learn.
  • Sophie Dahl’s and Lauren O’Hara’s Madame Badobedah
    • Thank you to Candlewick!  I cannot wait until Maeve is old enough for this one.  If you have kids who are maybe 5 and up, please get them this so I can live vicariously through you for now. All the zany, whimsical wonder that you’d expect from the granddaughter of Roald Dahl. Click through to see the perfectly suited illustrations.  I mean, I don’t want Maeve to grow up too fast, but…
  • Ingela P. Arrhenius’s Fun at the Fair
    • Sometimes you just want a short, simple book. The cut-outs for each page are so clever and the illustrations have such a nostalgic, happy feel. Thank you, Chronicle Books!
  • H.A. Rey’s Curious George Curious About Spring
    • This one has been like our road map for all things spring. Lots of curiosity generated by this monkey, for sure, and in rhyming poems that make it a great read-aloud. Thank you, HMH Kids!
  • Yu-Hsuan Huang’s Baby Goat
    • Thank you to Chronicle Books! Finger puppet books tend to be big baby crowd pleaser and this one, quite simply, is just better than the other ones I’ve seen.
  • Jonathan Stutzman’s and Jay Fleck’s Tiny T. Rex and the Very Dark Dark
    • So stinking sweet, plus I love the message of looking for the light (Dumbledore, anyone?). I talked about this one more here , but basically know that it’s fantastic. Thank you, Chronicle Books!

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