Books and That Fresh Fall Feeling

As the days, or at least the mornings,  get to feel a bit cooler, I not only overdress myself in my favorite sweaters, I also feel a little buzzing in the air that makes me want to get things done.
Maybe that’s why I wanted to pick up some historical fiction.  With great thanks to Viking for the free review copy, I recently read Tracy Chevalier’s new book, A Single Thread.  It tells the story of Violet Speedwell, one of the “surplus women” after World War 1. She stumbles upon the society of broderers, women who are embroidering kneelers, one day while in Winchester Cathedral (where Jane Austen is buried) and the story follows her through the development of her relationships, her role in society, and “building herself”. The ending felt too contrived to me, and I’ll be curious to hear if other readers feel the same way, but the majority of the book felt just right for fall with its quiet musings and gentle journey that were nonetheless engaging and absorbing.  Will you be reading it?
One of my favorite parts of historical fiction is the way that it makes me want to jump down different rabbit holes.  This book not only had me wanting to plan a walking trip much like Violet’s (er, minus Jack), it also had me fascinated by embroidery and bell ringing, two things I knew very little about.
Is it time for me to get to embroidering? Check out the other things inspiring me lately…
  • What’s your favorite pie? Fall seems to be the season of pie around here (see below for recent evidence).
  • Obviously, the book got embroidery on my mind.
  • Homes with styles like this and this and this have me seeking ways to make our home feel extra cozy and grounded in simple beauty.
  • I’m in awe of moms who imbue their homes with cozy, crafty touches.
    • Amanda is so inspiring and I love her aesthetic!
    • We’re going to be trying out this IKEA play kitchen hack from Molly. Her craftiness is brilliant.
  • I’m also trying to learn ways to be more sustainable and accounts like Chelsea’s are inspiring.
  • I’ve been going through my closet, purging a lot, and keeping an eye out for how to make the most of what I have and learn to love it.
    • I love the fall colors in Emily’s wardrobe. I’ve started following some accounts like hers to try to help me figure out new ways to make my things feel fresh.
    • Learned about visible mending thanks to a crafty friend of mine.  More here. So pretty, right?
What are you buzzing to get done or have fun with this fall? What books make you excited to learn and do more? Is there a world outside of books?? Hah.

If you would like to join in on the fun, please go to the submissions page!

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