We all have books we could name as favorites, but do you ever think about books you love that you feel actually represent who you are as a person or, at least, who you are as a reader?

For the Book Stack Me Challenge, I challenge you to round up the books that somehow represent you.  It might be a character who speaks to you, a wry narrative voice that sounds eerily like your thoughts, a setting that you can’t get enough of, themes that you believe shape the person you’ve become…the possibilities are endless.  Whatever it is, there are books that you know are somehow just YOU.

Post the picture of your book stack with the tag #bookstackmechallenge and try to refrain from telling us specifically why those books are “you”. From there, challenge your followers to give you recommendations based on the books you chose and the impressions those books have given them of who you are.  I’m hoping to include some of your stacks on here, too, and rounding up a nice book stack of recommendations for you to jump into in the future.

Next week, I’ll post my own book stack for the #bookstackmechallenge. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is indeed one of those books, not just because of my Harry Potter obsession.

I’m hoping you start thinking about the books that are “you”, posting those pictures with the hashtag #bookstackmechallenge, and tagging people you want to challenge to this, too! I can’t wait to see.


If you would like to join in on the fun, please go to the submissions page!

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