17 of the Best Christmas Books

I have lots of memories of the Christmas books I loved as a kid and now I’m lucky enough to have those books and be sharing them with our daughter.  We’ve also been poking around the library to see which ones we might want to add to our collection, but our library is now closed again, so do give us your best suggestions.

This list could have admittedly gone on and on, but I hope there’s at least one or two here that might be new to you or to a special little one in your life.

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  • Ingela P. Arrhenius  Christmas Cheer
    • Thank you, Chronicle! These boardscape board books are a clever idea and what I love about this one is how sweet and simple it is from making gingerbread cookies to playing outside in the snow.  It’s perfect for your littlest ones, plus a great addition when, perhaps like us, you usually read two books before sleeptime and your kid picks one very long book ; ).
  • Tracey Corderoy’s and Sarah Massini’s Mouse’s Night Before Christmas
    • Thank you, Candlewick!  We love this new Christmas story.  You know how ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas starts?  Well, this mouse is stirring and gets to meet Santa and help him deliver presents all around town.  And what might this lonely little mouse be wishing for this Christmas? It’s very sweet and, with it’s rhyme and meter, wonderful to read aloud.
  • Emma Dodd’s Christmas is Joy
    • Thank you, Candlewick! Two lovely reindeer walk you through the meaning of Christmas in Dodd’s signature style.
  • Robert D. San Souci’s The Christmas Ark
    • This one sadly seems to be out of print, but the used paperback copies are a good price and maybe your library has it? I love the creativity of this one, as two sisters travel by boat to their new home in California and are told by Santa that they can choose anywhere in the world to have their Christmas…as long as they agree.
  • Margaret Wild’s Thank You, Santa
    • This story, about a girl who continues to write letters to Santa throughout the year, thoroughly charmed me as a kid and still does now.  It’s very unique and I love how it encourages kids to think about Santa’s life beyond the delivery of toys.
  • Mary Chalmer’s The Christmas Story
    • Another one that’s sadly out of print.  A sweet, quirky one with some Japanese Chirri & Chirra vibes of a little girl and animals decorating their Christmas tree.
  • Maudie Powell Tuck’s and Karl James Mountford’s Last Stop on the Reindeer Express
    • This was a recent, delightful library find. Die-cut, with lifting flaps, it’s really just visually so charming.  The story follows a girl trying to get a letter to her grandfather through a surprisingly magical route.  Love this one.
  • Chris Van Allsburg’s The Polar Express
    • If you don’t already have this classic, do remedy that right away.
  • Patricia Toht’s and Jarvis’s Pick a Pine Tree
    • Annnd the modern classic we all need.  I love how this one embodies so much of the joy of Christmas trees.
  • Karma Wilson’s and Jane Chapman’s Bear Stays Up for Christmas
    • We really like the Bear series and this one is just as wonderful as the rest.
  • Caralyn and Mark Buehner’s Snowmen at Christmas
    • Snowmen at Night is a household favorite, so when we saw this Christmas version we immediately purchased it.  Such a fun one.
  • Yolanda T. Marshall’s and Subi Bosa’s A Piece of Black Cake for Santa
    • Follow Femi and her sweet family through all the cozy fun Christmas traditions.  The black cake? A Caribbean tradition.
  • Jan Brett’s Christmas Trolls
    • An all-time favorite of mine.  I’m very into the aesthetic of a Swedish Christmas and I think this book and my American Girl doll Kirsten are likely culprits.  The details in these illustrations make me so happy and the story, about learning to give, is very well told.
  • Jan Brett’s Wild Christmas Reindeer
    • Teeka is in charge of getting the reindeer ready for Christmas Eve this year and at first she cannot get it done.  This is a story that illustrates the idea of catching more flies with honey, but my favorite parts were always the detailed elf workshops on every page and a final page of Teeka sleeping in her loft that I used to obsess over as a kid.
  • Susan Wojciechowski’s and P.J. Lynch’s The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
    • I still remember receiving this one as a kid and being blown away by it.  It’s for slightly older kids and tells the story of a grumpy woodcarver whose life is changed when a widow and her child order a nativity scene from him.  Heartwarming and maybe even a bit of a tear-jerker for the adults.
  • Connie Schofield-Morrison’s and Frank Morrison’s I Got the Christmas Spirit
    • This one just shines with happiness. Go ahead and click into the preview…you’ll be smiling.

I have to hear your favorites!

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