Best Board Books You May Not Know

I read a lot of board books. A LOT. We are fortunate to have a nice collection, but it’s still easy to quickly get burnt out by reading the same ones over and over again, so I know how important it is to find ones that will keep your baby interested and will make you happy to read the book for the 100th time.
There are a few things that I’ve found I particularly appreciate in a good board book: pretty illustrations that are simple enough to keep a baby’s interest, yet also detailed enough to point lots of things out; messages that are fun or heartwarming; and words that flow well when read aloud.
Below the picture I’ve chosen 11 board books that are ones that we all love around here and that I don’t see around as often.  I’ll hopefully be sharing more soon, as I’m already thinking of some I missed, plus the classics are classic for a reason. What are your favorite board books from when you were a kid or, if you have kids, what ones do you not mind reading over and over?

The links to these board books are affiliate if you are considering ordering them. There is also a button at the bottom of my page to Powells if you choose to shop independent. I so appreciate you using them! Also, whenever I’m thinking about buying a book, I first check out the summary and preview and then I search for videos on YouTube or request the book from the library in order to see the whole book. It’s a helpful way to vet books because sometimes they’ll have a message or weird section that’s just not for you! No worries there about my perfect picks, though ; ).

We were also thrilled to recently receive some board books from publishers.  Harper Collins’ Baby Scientist books and Orca Books’ My First Bilingual Books are ones that Maeve often pulls from her shelves. I love that each of them presents her with lots to learn, along with being cute and very readable. The Baby Scientist books have a nice blend of scientific learning along with what is more useful to Maeve at this age (like identifying a toothbrush or saying hi to the dolphin), so I know they’ll grow with her well.


The My First Bilingual Books are ones that Maeve has been grabbing all the time lately.  I like them because they are very inclusive with race, religion, and abilities and they give my husband and I the ability to try out our rusty Italian. These books are also in Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, and seventeen other languages.


These have been wonderful additions to our library and I’m grateful to the publishers for them.  Do you know these series? Any books that you view as a little extra educational for your babies that you like a lot?

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