You know those authors who you see their name and automatically have to pre-order their new book? Or you read one of their books and then are the person at the library with ten of their backlist books on hold?

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A few authors in various categories that I consider my auto-authors are below.  I’ve realized I don’t really have many of these, particularly ones that I haven’t just read within a series.  For instance, I adored Station Eleven, but don’t have a great desire to pick up her other books.  Maud Hart Lovelace wrote one of my very favorite series, yet I’ve never read outside of Deep Valley.  Hmm.  Something to think about. Are any of these authors also auto-authors for you?


  • Maira Kalman
  • Amor Towles
  • Mary Oliver
  • Brit Bennett
  • Jane Austen
  • Lucy Knisley
  • Alexander McCall Smith
  • Julia Stuart

Young Adult

  • Leigh Bardugo
  • Emma Lord
  • Angie Thomas

Middle Grade

  • Renee Watson
  • Amy Rebecca Tan
  • Kate Milford
  • L.M. Montgomery

Picture Books

  • Jan Brett
  • Chris Haughton
  • Patricia MacLachlan
  • Carson Ellis
  • Sophie Blackall
  • Tami Charles
  • Kate Messner
  • Julia Denos
  • Julie Fogliano

Auto-Authors with Picture Book New Releases

Linda Ashman

Linda Ashman is an absolute favorite around here.  We have read the board book A Cozy Good Night (here is the picture book version) over and over and over and we all delight in it every single time.  It is the coziest book around and I consider it a must-have for every single kid’s bookcase. Truly.  Please add it to your collection!  The follow-up book, William Wakes Up, is just as delightful. It’s perfectly spring-y and inviting and lovely.  Another one of hers we love is Little Baby, Buttercup, which is all about the fleeting beauty of childhood.  Do check out her extensive backlist!

  • New book: Phoebe Dupree Is Coming to Tea
    • Thank you to Candlewick! We both love this one.  In fact, our daughter will walk around the house just saying “Phoebe Dupree is coming to tea” in silly voices because she finds it so delightful.  In that vein, while dogs and tea parties are already a pretty good guarantee around here, this is also told with such fun and actually well done rhyme and meter (Linda Ashman is so skilled with this) that you’re bound to be caught up in no matter what.  I also so appreciate the message of not needing to be perfect and making the most out of whatever happens, which is one that I surprisingly don’t often see for kids.  The illustrations are so sweet and I’ve already been requesting books drawn by Alea Marley from the library, too, so I’ll have to come up with an alliterative phrase for illustrators I can’t resist, too ; ).



We received Catch That Chicken from Candlewick previously and, after becoming completely absorbed in the world Atinuke creates and the sense of fun that pervades the storytelling, had to check out more.  B is for Baby and Baby Goes to Market are absolutely adorable and we’re planning on diving into the Anna Hibiscus early reader series soon.

  • New book: Hugo
    • Thank you, Candlewick! This one is so sweet.  Hugo is a pigeon in Paris who is basically a guardian of the small Parisian park where he lives.  Along with his regulars, he ends up developing a relationships with a little girl who is afraid to venture outside and, well, you know it’s going to be charming.  Warm and welcoming, this is one we’re happily re-reading a lot around here.


Einat Tsarfati

We previously received Sandcastle thanks to Candlewick and it’s such a kooky, imaginative delight.  The Neighbors has that same style, as a little girl imagines what’s behind the doors in her apartment building.

  • New book: It Could Be Worse
    • Thank you, Candlewick!  Yet again, Tsarfati delights with her wonderful imagination.  I think you know where this book is headed from the title, but the situations are only ones that someone who is particularly fun-loving and in touch with their childlike sense of humor could dream up and I can see so many kids getting a kick out of this one.

Bonus New Releases

Ged Adamson’s Scribbly

Thank you, Harper Kids!  Our daughter was initially drawn, pun intended, to this book, simply by the title and, from there, continued to be delighted.  A little girl moves to a new town and, missing friends, creates an imaginary dog, Scribbly, who, in the end, helps her learn how to make new friends and is joined by a real dog.  I liked the way this book brings up the different ways we can seek comfort and help each other and our daughter really responded to the style of the artwork and little girl’s use of her imagination.


David Martin’s and Raissa Figueroa’s The More the Merrier

Thank you, Candlewick! I am always here for  any book delivering the message of learning to do things and appreciate doing things in your own way and this book does that in a lovely way.  Any animal loving, rhythm loving kid is going to be one happy reader with this infectiously joyful read.


Daisy Hirst’s Monster Clothes and Monster Food

Thank you, Candlewick!  These board books are colorful and silly, similar in vein to Sandra Boynton, and especially perfect with the new release of Monsters at Work on Disney+.  Our daughter giggles. through each of them with lots of “that’s so silly!” punctuated through.


Jamie Michalak’s and Kelly Murphy’s Dakota Crumb: Tiny Treasure Hunter

Thank you, Candlewick!  Perfect for those who love museums and treasure hunts and all things tiny. We particularly liked the finding page at the end and spending a lot of time poring back over the pages to look for “treasures” and the discussions about what makes something a treasure.

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