13 Book Podcasts To Boost Your Book Nerd Life

I like books. I like podcasts. Put ‘em together and what do you get? Bippidi boppity book podcast. Yikes, that weird Cinderella reference makes no sense…but here’s a list of amazing book podcasts. There are some others that I listen to depending on the episode, but these are the ones that I look forward to listening to whenever they have a new episode out.  I’m so thankful for these people creating all this fantastic content! Which of these do you love and what others should I add to my hours of podcast listening?

Regular Listens

    1. What Should I Read Next
      The second podcast I ever listened to and one that I so thoroughly enjoy that I re-listen to old episodes. You already know this one though, right?
    2. From The Front Porch
      Annie and Chris talk about everything from the realities of owning/working in a bookstore to creative topics like matching music and TV shows with books to how darn hot it is in the South. They talk about books in a really compelling way and their tangents make me smile.
    3. No Thanks We’re Booked
      Mollie and Katie are the bookish friends you wish lived next door. Such engaging conversations and contagious enthusiasm!
    4. The Baby-sitters Club Club
      I have almost peed myself laughing at this one. I’ve never even read the books, but my husband and I are now dedicated, proud members of Baby Nation.  Start at the beginning and prepare for hilarity as Jack and Tanner read their way through the series.
    5. The SSR Podcast
      The host rereads childhood favorites with a guest, which is such a brilliant idea. It’s so fun to reminisce about these books and see how the host and guest think they hold up.
    6. The Bookstore
      This one is new to me.  They got me hooked with their idea of bookstore M.A.S.H.!
    7. Tea and Tattle
      Not always books, but even when it’s not it tends to be about topics the bookish soul will appreciate anyways. Miranda’s interviews are really absorbing and I feel like I’m always getting wonderful new recommendations that I don’t find elsewhere.
    8. Just the Right Book with Roxanne Cody
      This is hosted by the owner of the bookstore near my hometown. They get amazing authors and other book people for interviews.
    9. Black Chick Lit
      More bookish friends I wish lived next door, plus this white chick could use to read more not white chicks.
    10. The Readers
      Simon and Thomas have very different taste, but each read books I don’t hear much about elsewhere and describe them in a way that always adds to my TBR. Their love hate relationship and ramblings are amusing, too.
    11. Reading Glasses
      Also new to me, but so far enjoying the intelligent conversations.
    12. He Read She Read
      A new podcast hosted by a married couple. I love the dynamic- they’re so cute together- and their topics have been really interesting!
    13. Drunken Booksellers 
      Bookseller hosts talking to various bookstore owners = nerd fascination. Great recommendations and an always interesting insider look at bookstores.
Your turn. I’d love to hear your thoughts about these podcasts and other ones that you love!

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