About The Site

As someone whose mind is always going, the idea for Imaginary Book Stack came from a game I sometimes play in my head: What books would a favorite character of mine have in his or her book stack? I began to think how fun it might be to compile these somewhere and to see what other people imagined for their beloved characters.

From there, I imagined other book stacks, too: ones for every day and special occasions, ones inspired by specific books, ones for when you’re desiring inspiration or in need of some comfort, stacks for drafty English Estates and stacks for lakeside summer cottages in Maine…there really is no limit for the imagination.

About Me

When not with my nose in a book, you can find me trying to make every day a bit of an adventure with my two girls.

Please say hi by emailing me at [email protected] or by popping over to my Instagram that’s a hybrid of bits of my life and the Bookstagram world.